At Music Workshop Australia we have a range of vocal workshops run by Ronnie Bugeja.

They have heavy focus on supporting great technique and performance skills but also focus on feel and passion for all genres and styles. Our workshops have been very popular with kids of all capabilities and have been proven to be a great way to raise your childs self-esteem and ability to create and work as a team.

These are some of the Workshops that we run:

  1. Confidence Through music: A song learning based workshop designed purely to test your ability to learn under pressure.
  2. Vocal Expression: Battle of the genres which focuses on music appreciation in every form.
  3. Supergroup: Design, manage and be the star in the next big thing.
  4. A Capella: A lesson in musicality.
  5. Song Writing: Lessons in how to express yourself through song.
  6. Poetry writing.

         And more...

all in all these vocal workshops are a great way for your children to learn self expression through the universal language of music.