The role of your school music teacher is critical when it comes to your HSC. Whether it's a written exam or Viva voce their extensive knowledge in theory will guide you towards putting the right thing down on paper. Music Workshop Australia's practically experienced teachers are here to help you take your performance preperation to another level. With our experience in live performance we can guide you in many areas such as:

  1. Song Choice which can be a make or break deal.. choosing songs with substance and something that suits your voice or playing style.
  2. Gear Choice. Having the right sound heavily depends on your choice of accompaniment whether it's the instrument you play and the musicians you choose to play with you. 
  3. Textures. How you put a piece together can change the dynamic of any piece of music. Sometimes creating points of interest and a better crowd response.
  4. Band Basics. understanding what makes a great band. Feel,Communication and sound preparation.
  5. Believability. If you dont feel it then no one will. Really become part of your piece.

These are just some of the things that our seasoned professionals can offer guidance with.