Gemma Goldberger B.A.Dip.Ed U.N.S.W.

I have known Ronnie Bugeja since 2006. During that time Ronnie has been both teacher and musical mentor to my 3 children.  At all times I have found Ronnie to be absolutely trustworthy and reliable in his dealings with children. His enthusiasm is unwavering and his ability to inspire and motivate his students is admirable. Ronnie is able to navigate the difficult line between teacher and friend and can always be relied upon to bring out the best in his students. I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Ronnie to you. Yours faithfully, 


Mikaila Delgado

I started my music journey with Ronnie at the age of 10 years. Ronnie was and is a fantastic mentor and teacher. He not only taught me musicianship but allowed me the room to experiment with different genres / sounds and music. He would always support me in my views on music even though I may have been off the mark..he would constantly encourage me to push the boundaries and never to give up on what I truly believed would work for me. As my vocal teacher over many years we created such a good understanding through music that we could just play on the spur of the moment, without giving it too much thought, it just worked.Things that I will always remember experiencing with Ronnie is the first time that I ever entered a recording studio, he was there, he was there to accompany me on stage for my first live performance, on my very first gig of my Australia Tour, in the crowd...he was there! That meant so much to me!.

I would highly recommend Ronnie to any young aspiring musician, he is a dream maker!!!!


Ronnie has been teaching my children for several years now.The kids like him and have a real connection with him, not only as their music teacher but he has also become a friend. He is passionate and dedicated to what he does and he has a lot of hands on experience in the music industry that really shows in the way he teaches. The various classes that he runs help children develop not only their voices but also their stage technique and the importance of appropriate song choices. He works with each child as an individual and finds what works for them. I could not recommend a better singing teacher.


Dear Ronnie and the Music Workshop Australia team, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for another brilliant workshop you’ve run at our studio. Our students and parents were thrilled with the results; as were my teachers and I. It was great to see such enthusiasm from your highly-experienced and creative team; which really rubbed off on the students. All our participants, aged from 5-18 years clearly learnt new skills, a deeper music appreciation and team work with their peers. It was incredible to see how much they developed in such a short amount of time. And the presentations at the end of the workshop were a real highlight! Your imaginative concepts and group exercises were so fun, the kids didn’t even realise they were actually learning!I would highly recommend all the workshops run by Music Workshop Australia to all primary, secondary and performing arts institutions that are looking for a fresh approach to encouraging their music and singing students to strive for more!Keep up the great work and see you soon for more workshops,

Nadia Vella-Taranto


Nadia’s Performance Studio


Both my children, Jack age 14 & Sophie age 11 have been Music students of Ronnie’s since a very young age. To say that we are happy with his efforts with our kids and the results that they have achieved would be a massive understatement.In regards to Ronnie’s efforts, the thing that most impresses me is that he keeps stepping them up through different levels of their development & continually surprises me with new ideas to take them up to that next level. He never stops thinking & innovating. I wish I had a fraction of his drive. It is truly a great feeling knowing that the kids are in such a great learning environment. The results the kids have achieved have been brilliant. From the early Eisteddfods, they have been getting high marks & encouraging comments. Jack was accepted as a Featured solo artist at the 2014 Schools Spectacular, performing three songs plus the finale. He has auditioned for it again this year. When I reflect on his first concert singing “I Still Call Australia Home” in 2006 aged 5, I am proud of the journey he has been taken on by Ronnie & also that of Sophie, who can play piano fluently whilst singing like a diva. I am very proud & very confident in endorsing Ronnie to anyone who wishes to give their kids the gift of music. It’s the best decision you can make. One other thing I should mention is Ronnie’s easy manner that the kids & parents love. Fun guy with serious talent.


Wayne Bown


Ronnie has been my Daughters vocal teacher and industry mentor for the last three years. Throughout this time I have seen my daughters talents grow from strength to strength.Her confidence has soured through the many opportunities that have been organized for her. Ronald has a high aptitude for Music and covers everything from stage presence, performance and building his students to achieve heights they never felt possible. Ronnies, unique way of teaching and his yes we can attitude, always has his students hungry for more. A parents wish is to have a teacher that nurtures loves and believes in their child as much as they do, A teacher that taps into their child’s talent and takes them to heights un imaginable That’s what we have in Ronnie Bugeja and that’s why we have no hesitation in recommending him as one of the industry’s finest. 

Ronnie has been teaching my children for several years now.The kids like him and have a real connection with him, not only as their music teacher but he has also become a friend.

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