For Mikaila, singing has always been something that just came natural to her. From a very young age she always had a great sense of musicality. For most feeling music at a real level is something you grow into but for Mikaila it was coded into her DNA. 

She played around with many styles in her early years but eventually fell into her Rock / Pop punk style having listened to bands of the likes of Paramore in her teens. For many years Mikaila has performed at school, comps and everything in between and usually come out on top.

But we always knew she was destined for greater things. Eventually she picked up the guitar and like a fish takes to water Mikaila learnt it very quickly as if she already knew. Along side that came the urge to wright her own music, once again proving to us and her peers that age has no limitation on your creativity for music. She recently has enroled at Newtown Performing Arts High School where she has thrived being around like minded kids and having a new set of experienced mentors to guide her way.

She also joined Pop Punk band ARMS ATTRACTION through Oxygen Music Group and has had the opportunity to wright some great tracks and work with great producers and musicians. She has toured the country and done multiple gigs in every state building a great fan base and gaining some awesome memories along the way. So at a very young age it is fair to say that Mikaila has had a decent taste of the Rockstar life and loved every minute of what it had to offer.

The future is extremely bright for this young artist and we at Music Workshop Australia are proud to have had a part in her journey for so many years.

Arms Attraction : Alive

Arms Attraction: Otherside