TIM: Music is my MEDS

A few years ago things weren't going so well for us. Tim had lost his way. His behaviour was deteriorating, he was getting into more and more trouble at school and he was slipping into a dark place. You see Tim is a bit different than other kids, he has high functioning Aspergers. 

Aspergers affects the way he sees and functions in the world we live in and music is his coping mechanism. He was humming songs before he could even talk and was singing rock songs on stage at school by the age of 5. Music had always been Tims thing, then something happened several years ago onstage and he lost his musical confidence.

We were at a turning point. The thing he loved most had became daunting. This really affected him and it was becoming clear that Tim was a child that was soon going to need serious intervention. And that's where Ronnie came in. His musical journey with Ronnie has kept him off that path and helped him develop into the confident, mostly happy teenager that he is today. When we met Ronnie Tim absolutely refused to be on stage anymore, even though he loved being there. For months we would arrive for class and he would sit at the back of the waiting room, keep his hoodie on, headphones in and ignore everybody. He barely even spoke  to Ronnie. To look at him today you would never believe he is the same kid. He walks into class confidently, has joined several extra classes, chats to teachers, other students and parents, and even volunteers to help around the studio. And after  a lot of encouragement and nurturing from Ronnie,he is now back onstage. Over the last two years in particular Ronnie has really helped him develop his voice and his stage presence. He now not only looks comfortable onstage, he loves being there.

Music has helped Tim in so many ways and it is an integral part of his daily routine. It helps him focus, it helps him get through the day, it helps him relax and it helps him tune the world out when he goes into sensory overload. But none of that would be possible without a teacher like Ronnie.Ronnie has not only helped him gain his stage confidence and be a happier person,  but he is a great music teacher who really cares about his students. He really considers what's best for each individual child and guides them in a way that makes their musical journey not only a learning experience but also a fun experience.